Demanda de supression dei creacions en massa

Adieussatz, per informacion, ai demandat la supression dei vòstres articles creats en massa sus de films. D'efiech, segon ieu, aqueleis articles constituïsson unicament una basa de donadas d'informacions títol + realizator(s) + data de sortida. Respèctan donc pas lei critèris definitis dins Çò que Wikipèdia es pas, especialament lo principi « [Wikipèdia] es pas un catalòg de faches, o una lista d'informacions ». Lo debat a luòc dins lei paginas dedicadas a la supression d'articles : Wikipèdia:Paginas de suprimir. Coralament, --Toku (d) 6 agost de 2022 a 14.40 (UTC)


Please, could you please tell which language you wold rather prefer using to communicate : english, spanish, catalan or occitan ? See you soon. Cheers.--Lembeye (d) 7 agost de 2022 a 16.08 (UTC)

Hello! English. Nikolai Kurbatov (d) 7 agost de 2022 a 16.09 (UTC)

Ok, well tell me if you need small translations. If you have time and will to do so, we could go trough occitan basic sentences in order to create articles. We could and/or should perhaps go through the present state of articles related with Russia and see if somme should not be hugely prioritary. Maybe an article about russian cinema history could give tothese articles their full insterest puting them into perspective. In any case, as and if you wish.

So far, I took the liberty to translate your article about No return into bearnais occitan. Just for you to know, though very close to old catalan in its lexicon and sintaxis, bearnais's morphology is very different. Said in another way, it would sound very odd to a modern spanish catalan speaker.

Cheers.--Lembeye (d) 7 agost de 2022 a 16.36 (UTC)
  • Hello. Please may I ask you which would be the 3 firt that you would giva some priority. Thanks.--Lembeye (d) 11 agost de 2022 a 11.27 (UTC)
Hello! I deleted all the synopses because I was told that they had the wrong automatic translation and Joan Francés Blanc said that the plot is not necessary. But it will be great if you check for errors in the titles that I have translated. Nikolai Kurbatov (d) 11 agost de 2022 a 11.39 (UTC)
  • Hello and sorry, first because I was out of connection for many days, segond because regardless of being right or wrong, the final decision is in any case unpleasent. I added a word about what it seems to me we should be doing. If the material is believed to be encyclopedic, the article should e kept and a note added if there are issues to solve. In any case, the vote is supposed to prevail. However, I beleive that even if the acticle were to appear as arased; it might be kept somwhere, waitig to be amended, expanded and proposed once again to a vote. Which means that, article by acticle, they could be impoved en restorered. Cheers.--Lembeye (d) 27 agost de 2022 a 01.09 (UTC)
Hello, thank you! You may notice that now i am adding information about the duration of the movies. Nikolai Kurbatov (d) 27 agost de 2022 a 02.59 (UTC)
I want to add genre information. How will the thriller, detective fiction, adventure film, war film, crime film, sports film, romance film, musical film and action film be in Occitan? Nikolai Kurbatov (d) 27 agost de 2022 a 08.23 (UTC)
Don't answer, i already know the answer. Nikolai Kurbatov (d) 27 agost de 2022 a 14.49 (UTC)